39. internationale IBBY-Kongress 2024


"Join the revolution! Giving every child good books"

Termin: 30. August bis 1. September 2024
Ort: TCC – Trieste Convention Center, Triest


In 1946, Jella Lepman opened the first international exhibition of books for children and young people in the firm belief that books are bridges for understanding and agreement among the peoples of the world. 

IBBY founder’s commitment to a “revolution” brought about by good books as a means of shaping free, peace-loving generations, capable of discernment and imagination continues to be resolutely carried forward by IBBY’s 80 sections around the world. It is a commitment that appears even more pertinent today.

This is the main theme of the 2024 IBBY International Congress. It urges our sections, scholars, associations and institutions engaged in the field of literature for children and young adults to take stock of who and what drives this “revolution”.


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Bis zum 31. März 2024 ist es möglich, sich mit Frühbucherrabatt für den Kongress anzumelden - für Besucher:innen aus Deutschland sowie den meisten europäischen Ländern beträgt die Gebühr damit 600 Euro (ohne Unterkunft). Vom 1. April bis 1. August 2024 gilt dann der normale Tagungsbeitrag von 680 Euro.


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